About Us



hip+indie approaches beauty & healing differently. Our physical existence is vibrational; we raise and lower depending on our energetic expression. How we express manifests physically - and thus our skin and overall health is a hologram of our innermost world. All of life is vibration, and plants are our kindred spirits. Lending their energy to us, plant allies offer not only oxygen and food, but potent healing and well-being.

The hip+indie handmade botánica are  all hand blended and energetically imprinted, in Tampa, FL.  As a psychic medium & intuitive healer, I integrate core ritual earth-based magick, crystal therapy, and other healing modalities.  Each hip+indie product is not only vegan, toxin-free and filler-free, but is also blessed with messages from plant, mineral, animal and universal spirit realms, imprinted with folk magick and other vibrational potencies.